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Posted On November 10, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

I’ve always felt better once I’ve made a decision. Since I did so last week, this week has been smooth. The major decision about goals and dreams and plans and how to make it all work sat like a two-ton weight on my mind and in my heart. With the way forward decided, that weight has slid away.

The graphics person who has been working on creating A+ content for all my titles, finished this week! I’m thrilled by her creativity and the added visuals and text on my books’ Amazon pages. The hope is that readers will be enticed by what they see and read to try one of my stories.

While she worked on finishing that project, I worked on MV2 and BFMV. I turned to her for help with a word web page I made. She redid the whole thing and gave me back something fun and professional. It’s a treat beyond gratitude to have zero expectations and then have something truly wonderful given to me. Her addition gave me a boost of motivation 🙂

I haven’t worked on the third project, but blocks of time this weekend will see me playing with an hour here and there and coming up with words to fill some pages. With new reasons for why I write and a short list of projects to do, my heart and mind are light. I know I can change my mind at any point along the road. But this feeling of freedom and lightness will be difficult to let go of to try something else.

I was a classroom teacher for 25 years before I decided to make a career pivot. I’ve been writing and publishing for a few reasons for 15 years. Now I’ve decided on the direction of my pivot. In both cases, at anytime, I can choose differently. There’s freedom in that, too. For the foreseeable future, I’m pleased with my decision. I look forward to observing how this shift in my mind and my attention will affect my writing process and other parts of my life. Are you a quick and accurate decision maker? What helps you come to a conclusion?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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