A Year in Reflection

Posted On January 7, 2014

2013 went out as quietly as it came in for me. Good riddance, in my opinion. It was wrought with forced changes, personal and professional, and though the yoga practitioner in me has let go of the failed expectations that were met with disappointments and a reevaluation of priorities, the goal-orientated, achievement-driven human part is grateful to wash my hands of the whole thing. Not that I’m setting 2014 up for more of the same, but rather keeping myself open for opportunities and adventures.

I was reminded time and again in 2013 that” a writer writes”. There were times, very few, where my WIP flowed. I fell into the procrastination category and sometimes into the “I’ll write when the circumstances are just right” group, which is the equivalent of saying that “I’ll be happy when I lose 10 pounds, I’ll go back to school when the kids move out, I’ll start my own business when the economy improves” and other excuses that we devise for putting off until tomorrow that which can be done today.

My blogs were not resurrected, though in the fall of 2013 I did offer some regularity. Twitter remained buried, but Facebook did make a comeback, floundered some, and was quiet after the conclusion of my book tour. November was a huge month for challenges. I came away realizing I excel at over scheduling my time and energy, and that I have a continued/resurrected passion for writing poetry, maybe because it’s different from my current manuscript struggle and I can complete a poem in one sitting. My “7 Books and 7 Dates” book tour I would consider a success, though I’ll add that there’s room for improvement.

After 4 months of revisions and editing, I published Of Art and Air. It’s my 5th novel and the first in the Tanner Trilogy. Those who have read the rest of my novels felt that this one was the best. I don’t know if that comes with the maturity of writing more or if the story was more intriguing to more people. The manuscript was completed about 3 years ago. Since then, I have finished book 2 in the trilogy and started on the third manuscript.

I’m a big one for believing in new beginnings. Turning the final page in the Gregorian calendar is like reading the last sentence in an enjoyable book. There is satisfaction that the characters grew, a bit of relief that the story is done, and a wondering of what else the author might write. My take-aways from 2013 include:

*I enjoy writing poetry and will continue to write a poem a day, or close to it

*Rewrites and edits are time-consuming and important, and rewarding

*Marketing remains the most difficult aspect of being an author

*It’s a foolhardy endeavor to wait until the time is right to write-just write!

*It’s okay to celebrate the little stuff along the way, but certainly the huge accomplishments at the end

*Keep the gratitude for the people who helped me along the way…producing a book takes a village

Do you have lessons learned from 2013’s year of writing? Please share them in the comments section below. If you’d like to read the prologue and first two chapters of the first book in the Tanner Trilogy, visit my website: www.myjoyenterprises.com

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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  1. Rita Ackerman

    I haven’t thought much about last year or “take aways.” I’ve actually been focusing on looking ahead and making changes. The biggest help so far has been attending the writers workshops at the Cave Creek Library and now (hopefully) at Dog-Eared Books.

    • michelevenne

      Looking ahead and making changes is great! Based in reflection, you know what you missed and what is needed. I’m glad you’re finding workshops helpful. There is a lot of information out there!!


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