The After Series

Michele Venne Survivors In the After

Survivors In the After

Years after the Third Global War ends, the remaining human population is split into four factions: Enhancers, Fringers, Claimless, and Heads.

Sebastian McConnell is dedicated to Enhancers living in New York City and being the weapon his leader needs him to be, but his discovery of the identity of a mystery man makes him question his trust in his leader.

Tess Montgomery loves her vocation as a trader, but between her feelings for Sebastian and keeping safe from those who want to harm her, she has to decide to remain in the tunnels or confront the unknown threat on her own.

Leo Novak, leader of the Enhancers in New York City, trusts his visions, so using his soldiers to rescue refugees from the hands of highwaymen is an easy decision. However, risking his best warriors and their trainees to discover if facilities that created Enhancers are still operational increases the intensity and momentum of his plans to take down the Heads.