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Posted On March 3, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

It takes about 3 days (10 hours) to write my monthly newsletter. I see several clients a day and find myself speaking a gazillion words. When I’m with Holly, I chat to her about how wonderful she is and how much she’s loved. With spreading around so many words, I wonder if I’ve used them all up.

In random, sporadic moments, I envision the stories I’ve started. In response, scenes flash across the movie screen in my mind, telling me they’re still there, still waiting for me to record the lives of the characters on paper. It’s both a relief and a source of anxiety to know that the words haven’t left.

In the ever-shifting terrain of exchanging time and energy for the requirements of survival on all levels, priorities change… temporarily. Since I’ve concentrated on increasing my clients, that decreases time to do other things. In fact, I find I no longer “see” all the items on my to-do list because I know there isn’t time to get them all done.

With the calendar rolling over to the next month, a new list of tasks has come up (with the (false) assumption that the previous one have been completed). Now I wonder if I should pick up where I left off or just start on the new tasks. The same isn’t true for my writing projects.

I’m halfway done on the first round of edits on the math workbook. I’m frozen in time on progress for the short story. Nothing else has started. Nothing else has been completed. But my bank account appreciates the deposits. Tomorrow is another day, and another chance to get closer to finishing a project or a task. Have your priorities shifted in the last month? Are you optimistic that you’ll get things done?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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