All Treats, no tricks

Posted On October 25, 2021

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Happy (almost) Halloween! If I wrote horror instead of romantic suspense and paranormal romance, I could have come up with a short story guaranteed to give you shivers. Instead, I’ve gathered a few cool treats of interest. I have to say it has been different this past month.

Since finishing The Stalker and getting it to my beta readers, I’ve been spending a LOT of time working behind the scenes. 33 of my 36 titles have taken a spin through editing software. That always leads to reformatting. And since I’m now on multiple ebook and print book platforms, besides just Amazon, it’s be fun learning how they all work. I’ve also scheduled when I’ll share some free stuff on social media (so if you don’t follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, now may be a good time). It’s not that I’m afraid of technology, it’s just that it offers me a steep learning curve. Without the glitches (confirmed by my writing friend that the ones I experience are often unique) that flavor every. single. project. I could be further ahead in my study of various and helpful software. But I’m making progress!

Immersing myself into the Roanoak world after two years means rereading books 1-3. I started book 4 when I finished book 3. I promised myself that as soon as I completed a bunch of the backstage stuff, that I would return to my fiction writing. That promise will be fulfilled next month. I have the titles and graphic images for the covers and a few ideas on what happens in the next four novellas. I’m looking forward to finishing this series!

Here’s a cover reveal for The Stalker, which should be out next month…

I’ve been escaping into some great romantic suspense novels. One of them even had a taste of Steampunk! Who knew I would enjoy that story? I’ve also returned to My List on Netflix. I’ve missed the superhero shows. There’s that feel-good part of knowing that even though the battle will be fierce, the good guy will win in the end.

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Written by Michele Venne

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