Asset, Inc. Novels

Michele Venne Everything to Gain

Everything to Gain

Imagine being hired at a new company, only to discover someone wants your boss dead.

William Randall builds a company to accomplish what law enforcement agencies can’t or won’t, due to lack of personnel, evidence, or funds. His first recruit is Piper McCarthy, an international investigative journalist. He believes her to be the perfect receptionist. William isn’t disappointed.

As each potential employee enters the Asset, Inc. office, they discover getting hired is a two-step process. A pre-interview scenario is devised where they must display their skills and abilities. Then they answer one request from William: “Tell me the details of your last assignment.”

As the employees come together, their backstories and their training keep their lives on a roller-coaster ride of action and intrigue. An introduction is made to the first eight employees and their initial four jobs, amidst trying to discover who wants William dead.