Birthday Week

Posted On March 4, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

A few cool events happened this week in my life. First, my new computer arrived! My 10-year-old laptop could no longer update the operating system, so my apps didn’t work optimally or at all. Do you know how tough it is to type on a keyboard when a few of the letters stick? Yep, that was going on, too. But I’ll keep my old one for virtual meetings and watching Netflix.

Next, my cover designer has been working hard to redo covers for six of my books. I’m very excited about the results! The Tanner Trilogy (Of Art and Air, Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, Of Objects and Obsessions), Of Gifts and the Goddess, and Of Dolphins and Desires all got a facelift. We worked the trilogy books so they are more in line as a series, including the boxed set. Of Gifts and the Goddess and Of Dolphins and Desires are more than 10 years old! I’ve done a few edits on the stories, and now the covers are up to date as well.

Finally, because my birthday is this week, I get to see a few friends. Usually, we’re all busy with our own lives, and sometimes months pass with only a couple of texts or an email. Seeing them in person (for lunch at an outdoor restaurant) is a wonderful gift. And if I want to gift my readers with more stories, then I need to get back to the page.

May you gift yourself with kindness and peace… and if we let these overflow, may they coat the world.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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