Celebrating the Wins

Photo by Michele Venne I planned to have it published in August, but I'm used to my plans changing. I aimed to announce the new release in my October newsletter, but just couldn't quite pull it off. In this month's newsletter, I promised my subscribers I would send...

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The Moments In Between

Photo by Michele Venne When I look at my calendar and task list, there doesn't appear to be any "moments in between." It's a list of actions to take. And because not all the actions happen on the day to which I've assigned them, arrows are drawn to the next day, and...

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Photo by Michele Venne It took four different stores, by I finally found a 2024 calendar with the options I like. It's the same size I've used the past several years, as there's comfort in the familiar, 7 X 8 1/2 inches. It has the months with small squares for each...

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Reflecting Before the End

Photo by Michele Venne It's almost the fourth quarter of 2023. Not one to be rushed at the last minute, I start reflecting on the current year, and planning for the next, long before midnight on New Year's Eve. Maybe I'm thrilled that I've survived another summer in...

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Organized Flow

Photo by Michele Venne Perhaps the title of this post is an oxymoron. Everything ebbs and flows. Energy. Motivation. Creativity. If we figure out how to wait when whatever it is ebbs, we can focus on other aspects of our life. And when whatever it is flows, if we've...

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The Next Thing

Photo by Michele Venne I realize I do this to myself. I have a little available time... my inbox is down to 5 emails I'm hanging onto for various reasons... and I sign up for six webinars, download a bundle of a dozen ebooks, agree to give my email address in exchange...

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