Share Some Love

In celebration of the month of love, I'm sharing some. I know the concept of self-love and self-care have been around for a while. After reading about it and applying a few ideas to see what worked for me, I thought I had a good understanding of self-care. I created...

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A New Calendar

Many of us purchase a new calendar around the end of the year. It could be with hope that the next year will be filled with lots of positive experiences or an attempt to organize ourselves. This past December I purchased two calendars: 1) a 5 x 7 daily and monthly...

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Most authors compose their blog posts, social media posts, and even their books directly on the computer. Many of them begin with an idea, then construct an outline. It depends on the author as to how detailed to make that outline. The outline can include the acts,...

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Boring Days

Some people wish for money. Some, for fame. Me? I wish for boring days. Days with no wildfires and evacuations. Days of physical and mental health so people can do what they do with less struggle. Days of nice weather so nature can be enjoyed without huge amounts of...

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I count perhaps 4 days where I monitored the fires in AZ (and they were being contained--yay!!!), got my horse trailer fixed, go the tires on my car rotated, picked up a few groceries, just started to breathe again and drop my shoulders from around my ears, when...

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I did a lot of editing work over the weekend. Why? One, I don't have much on my list of "fun things to do", even before the whole pandemic thing. Two, if I concentrate hard enough, I can accomplish some edits instead of paying attention to looping thoughts that aren't...

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