Change is One Thing We Can Count On

Photo by Michele Venne Sometimes I think I'm from an earlier generation. I started my career in one school district and happily stayed for 21 years. I then was asked to come back and do Homebound. I did and found another place that I loved. It took over 3 years, but...

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Project Completion

Photo by Michele Venne After six months, I finally finished Building Fluency: Math Practice! I used about half the problems in the book from sheets of paper I kept from when I was in the classroom. The rest I created to fulfill my purpose for the book (lots of...

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Progress Relies on Perspective

Photo by Michele Venne Two hundred words a day may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. The same can be said for the steps we take toward our 10K steps a day, or the twenty-five dollars a paycheck we add to the piggy bank, or the extra ten...

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Be Like Those Famous Shoes

Photo by Michele Venne Just like a "breakout novel" or a "blockbuster movie," marketing slogans that hit it big and stick around are rare. I wonder if Nike knew their tagline of "Just Do It" would become an icon. Or that so many would steal those three little words...

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Photo by Michele Venne Some people believe that we're not in control of anything in this world. Others believe that we control everything. Maybe I missed the memo about "how" to control everything, but I don't think there's much I can do about the phases of the moon,...

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So, I’m doing it Wrong

Photo by Michele Venne After 14 years, I would think that I've got things down. I understand my process. I know what trips me up. And I know how to get back to what I want to do. And yet... since I'm part of the publishing industry, it's my responsibility to keep tabs...

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