Book Series

Michele Venne Stars Series

Stars Series

Members of the Alliance find their home planets threatened by races of beings who resent Alliance rules. 

Of Stars and Secrets finds Princess Kiersten abandoning her royal duties to deliver vaccine to newly colonized planets. On her trek across galaxies, she meets Aiden. Together, they attempt to free Kiersten’s brother from incarceration. As a battle rages in space above Windmere, Kiersten and Aiden rescue a child. They return to their home planets and adopt the girl. With a few mysteries solved, larger ones remain.

This story concludes with Of Prophecies and Promises. Skyler grows up, knowing she’s part of a pre-written destiny. When she joins with Gage St. Veritas, they journey to the planet of Skyler’s birth. Both have unique abilities gifted to them by their parents. They discover their role in the Prophecy, but will they be able to act in time to save the Alliance?

Michele Venne Tanner Trilogy

The Tanner Trilogy

Carli, Samantha, and Shaun Tanner recover from their father’s murder, an event which sets in motion irrevocable changes in each of their lives. 

In the first story, Of Art and Air, photojournalist Carli Tanner and FBI agent Ethan Brooks collaborate to determine who pulled the trigger that ended Bear Tanner’s life, and why. Ethan utilizes his unusual way of solving cases to protect Carli from those who view her as an obstacle to their personal gain. Carli must decide if she will relinquish her gypsy life in order to alter the focus of her father’s game preserve.

Ethan travels from Wyoming to Colorado in Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats when a ghost from Samantha Tanner’s past escapes prison to finish what he started ten years earlier. Cole Branson offers to be Sam’s personal bodyguard. Sam is forced to face her greatest fear, despite her efforts of protection and preparedness. 

The Tanner Trilogy concludes with Of Objects and Obsessions and brings the reader back to Wyoming. As sheriff of the town where Shaun grew up, where does he turn when his own life becomes the center of a thwarted criminal’s revenge? From the depths of grief, his begins to unravel. Fiona Casey arrives at Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures for employment, but realizes Wyoming offers more than she believes she deserves. Fiona’s son, Ian, becomes the catalyst of the final scene in which lives are saved, or forfeit.

Michele Venne Roanoak Series

Roanoak Series

A tale set in a mythical world of castles and swords and magic.

The seven Roanoak brothers must locate their Others. Without women whose abilities compliment their own, the Roanoaks have no hope to break the Curse and return the land to prosperity. Though they scour the countryside and towns, spend many summers searching for another way, they discover only a battle to the death will end the war and plaques that brand the earth. 

As each Other is found, the brothers and the women must find ways to get along, to grow closer, to trust each other. Family and destiny invite the reader along as tensions and questions accumulate. The brothers must learn to work together, to utilize the power and talent they and their Others possess. The brothers learn to give not just to each other, but to the women they cherish.

Baltura poses a serious threat, one the brothers wonder if they’ll be able to defeat. But something deeper and darker stirs beneath the surface. If the Roanoaks fail to break Nyla’s Curse, all will truly be lost. 

Trust, family bonds, communication, teamwork, love, independence, discovery, responsibility, and fate may or may not be victorious over greed, power, sickness, deception, black magic, death, and the evil that for seven generations has held the land in its grip.

Michele Venne

Asset, Inc. Novels

Requirement for employment: thorough knowledge of weapons, languages, and technology; an extensive list of contacts who can supply anything, anywhere, at any time.

Part one of the interview involves a demonstration of skills and abilities learned in the military, FBI, CIA, and local law enforcement. If the applicant passes, then they answer one question from William, owner of Asset, Inc.: “Tell me the details of your last assignment.” Here, the characters reveal their backstories.

With capable employees, William accepts jobs that require international travel and pushes the limits of those who work for him. He can’t ignore the threats to his life, but he won’t allow them to detain him from the vision for his business.

Michele Venne

The After Series

After the Third Global War, survivors find community in those like themselves, but is it enough to prevent a takeover from another faction?

Enhancers, Fringers, Claimless, and Heads all have their agendas. Leo Novak, leader of the Enhancers in New York City, works for freedom for all from the rule of the Heads. His cadre of enhanced warriors, all with paranormal abilities, prepare for the takeover.

After rescuing a dozen newly enhanced children from highwaymen, Leo is forced to discover if any facilities remain operational. Sending his warriors across the former United States, they discover members of each faction. Can they work together for the betterment of all in this new time called “The After”?

Michele Venne

Novels of Light and Dark

Over multiple lifetimes, the Divine Feminine has honed warriors to combat the dark in a final winner-take-all battle.

Kai Matthieus’s military Unit experienced what non-talents would term the impossible. Now that they’re all entrepreneurs stateside, they continue to encounter paranormal entities. When Kai is targeted by a past-life foe, he calls in his Unit for support. Mason, Lucas, Jayce, Nate, and Parker arrive in Vancouver, Washington, and discover more than they imagined.

A doorway to the nine levels of hell is kept shut, but not everything stays on the other side. Each member of the Unit is aided by magical items. It will take everything they know about military tactics and wielding their talents if the light will overcome the dark. 


Waldman Investigations

Can they unmask the twisted suitor before their relationship is gunned down in cold blood?

Tampa, Florida. Dr. Audrey Ellis’s whole world revolves around the human psyche. So when a bouquet of white roses shows up on her doorstep, she quickly realizes someone has developed an unhealthy fixation. Now anxious that predatory eyes follow her every movement, she’s suspicious when she encounters a handsome stranger in the parking lot.

P.I. Ross Waldman isn’t looking for love. But after seeing a beautiful woman sitting on a park bench time and again, he recognizes her pain and offers to help. And learning she’s hounded by a mysterious hunter, he volunteers to use all his resources to track down the shadowy culprit.

With the incidents escalating and her terror mounting, Audrey gladly accepts Ross’s offer of shelter and a guest bed. And when the big-hearted gumshoe discovers the case has links to the mob, he fears his plan to protect Audrey could climax in a hail of bullets.

Michele Venne short stories

Short Stories

What if a reader could enjoy a full story in a fraction of the time it takes to delve into a novel?

Short stories and novelettes quickly and briefly immerse the reader in different settings with interesting characters. Futuristic to historic, be whisked away from everyday life for a unique adventure! Follow the actions of characters as they escape from danger, learn lessons, and find real love.

Despite the length, short stories and novelettes still have a beginning, middle, and end that hopefully satisfies the reader. Think of these smaller stories as one room in a mansion. Though limited in space, the room still has thick carpets, beautiful artwork, rare books, comfortable chairs, and a window which highlights a particular section of lawn. Enjoy one while waiting for an appointment, before going to bed, or sipping coffee in the morning.