Individual Books

Of Gifts and the Goddess by Michele Venne

Of Gifts and the Goddess

Historical Ireland enchants the reader with the story of Anne McCleary and Duncan O’Connor. With honesty and acceptance, can they learn to ride together?

Of Dolphins and Desires by Michele Venne

Of Dolphins and Desires

This tale invites the reader to dive in with Courtney Swanson and Logan Phelps on their
adventure South of the Border. Despite the corruption and gangs, will they find a way out?

Michele Venne Stars Series

Stars Series

Board a spaceship and travel across galaxies in this complete two book series. Princess Kiersten and Prince Aiden meet during a humanitarian project. Rescuing a five-year-old girl from a battle, they return home and adopt her. Twenty-five years later, the rescued Skyler embarks on a pilgrimage with Gage St. Veritas to discover their roles in the Prophesy. Will the special abilities of Skyler and Gage be enough to save the Alliance?

Michele Venne Tanner Trilogy

The Tanner Trilogy

Share the tale of loss, abuse, addiction, innocence, betrayal, greed, desire, rage, wonder, joy, and the most significant aspect of the human condition, love. Join Carli and Ethan, Samantha and Cole, and Shaun and Fiona as events complete the circle. They discover and share life’s most precious gifts in an attempt to keep safe from those whose twisted hearts and darkened souls believe that their lust for possession justifies their actions.

Michele Venne Roanoak Series

Roanoak Series

A witch betrayed curses the Roanoak lineage for seven generations. Nyla’s Curse gathers momentum as the seventh Roanoak brother is born and takes his first breath. Join Dane and Raven, Darius and Sophia, Gavin and Adele, Kaden and Gabrielle, Zander and Soren, Anson and Lila, and Rhys and Kiera as they find each other, return to Roanoak Castle, and attempt to break Nyla’s hex. It isn’t just Baltura, Nyla’s remaining descendant they must battle, but the darker evil that drives him.

Michele Venne

Asset, Inc. Novels

Asset, Inc. is a company founded on completing missions that law enforcement can’t. Recruiting employees with military, FBI, CIA, and other training, William assembles an eclectic mix of personalities and skills. The jobs he takes to locate missing persons and valuable items sends employees around the world. With cases involving dangerous mysteries, international travel, and high-end technology, William doesn’t have time to discover who wants him dead.

Michele Venne

The After Series

In a post-apocalyptic world, leaders of each faction rise. Enchancers, Fringers, Claimless, and Heads all have an agenda besides survival. In New York City, Leo leads the Enhancers from the tunnels as he plans a takeover. As his warriors search what used to be the United States for others who will join him, the Heads and highwaymen gather their own forces. The unique abilities of the Enhancers give them an advantage, but it may not be enough if the Fringers and Claimless refuse to take sides.

Michele Venne

Novels of Light and Dark

Good and evil walk the earth. Warriors of the Divine Feminine have been honed over lifetimes. Their paranormal talents and magical items help protect them from the dark that has long been imprisoned. If the warriors win the tiebreaking battle, it doesn’t mean their job is done. A crack in the doorway to the nine levels unleashes entities that only those who serve the Divine Feminine can send them back to hell. 


Waldman Investigations

A gambling ring run by the mafia in Tampa Bay is challenged by a private investigator. The P.I.'s best friend, a police detective and his journalist sister, recruit the help of a psychiatrist, a bounty hunter, and a parole officer to shut down the mob. Each solved case has them dancing with danger and tests their faith in the justice system.

Michele Venne

Creative Play

A guide to lead the reader on the path of playfully creating art and finding joy along the way. Questions and exercises both prepare and inspire a beginning creative, and also offer an experienced artist a fresh approach to creativity.

Michele Venne Companion Workbook for Creative Play

The Companion Workbook for Creative Play: A Guide for the Artistic Path

This is an inspiring place to record answers to questions and results of exercises proposed in Creative Play: A Guide for the Artistic Path.

Michele Venne Creative Play Bundle

Creative Play + The Companion Workbook Bundle

The Creative Play Print Bundle gives the reader a copy of both the Creative Play Guide and the Workbook. Used side by side, the reader can enjoy the author’s ideas on creativity and complete the questions and exercises as they read each section.

Michele Venne

Cracked Heart

A collection of 75 poems that reflect life observations and changes. Included is a chapter on how the reader can play with writing poetry and use poetry for healing.

Michele Venne Companion Journal for Cracked Heart

The Companion Journal for Cracked Heart: Poetic Thoughts on a Life

Lines and shapes and white space encourage the user to pen poems following the author’s suggestions.

Michele Venne Cracked Heart Bundle

Cracked Heart + The Companion Journal Bundle

The Cracked Heart Print Bundle gives the reader a copy of both the Cracked Heart Guide and the Journal. Used together, the reader may find commonality with the author’s poems and be inspired to create their own through playing with language.

Michele Venne lingering hand

Lingering Hand of Creation

This book of 26 images representing Alaska are paired with poems that guide the reader to journey within and consider their connection with nature.

Michele Venne

Flashes of Light

From 55 to 1,000 words, based on eleven different prompts, and including six different writers, this book encourages the reader to enjoy flashes of creative insight that all started with, “On a dark and stormy night…”

Michele Venne short stories

Short Stories

These short stories and novelettes lead the reader on brief escapes. Romantic suspense, action- adventure, and feel-good compact stories can be enjoyed anytime.

Yogis Volume 1

Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation, Volume I, Poems About the Practice

These 25 poems were written as a way for the author to understand some of the tools and techniques of yoga. Lined pages have been added so the reader can jot down their own notes and ideas.

Yogis Volume 2

Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation, Volume II, Tools of the Practice

These 110 yoga sequences can be used as inspiration for the creation of sequences for your own classes or as motivation to further investigate tools of the practice. Included is a blank Yoga Sequence Sheet laid out to help organize the poses for classes and clients.

Michele Venne Bundle


These 110 yoga sequences can be used as inspiration for the creation of sequences for your own classes or as motivation to further investigate tools of the practice. The following is included:

  • is a blank Yoga Sequence Sheet laid out to help organize the poses for classes and clients
  • a pack of nifty extras to make your Second Edition complete
Michele Venne

Building Fluency: Advanced Number Sense (Print)

This math workbook uses six steps to lead students from introduction to independence. The 17 math concepts and skills included here build a solid foundation for higher math classes. Created to support students in grades 6-9 to learn basic concepts with confidence.

Michele Venne

Building Fluency: Math Practice

This workbook offers 25 to 100 practice problems to build understanding and fluency with foundational math concepts. A resource from fractions to solving equations, and probability to permutations. Created for teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, and students looking for ample math problems to improve knowledge, reteach, and fill in gaps.

Michele Venne Building Fluency Math Note Cards

Building Fluency: Math Note Cards

Building Fluency: Math Note Cards is ready for study sessions! Filled with words, definitions, and examples these note cards cover big ideas of math concepts and detailed steps in solving math problems. Students will find:

  • suggestions for interacting with the note cards
  • games to play with the words, definitions, and examples
  • blank flash cards to use for studying and games
  • concepts that span grade levels and courses