Change is One Thing We Can Count On

Posted On April 21, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

Sometimes I think I’m from an earlier generation. I started my career in one school district and happily stayed for 21 years. I then was asked to come back and do Homebound. I did and found another place that I loved. It took over 3 years, but that job shifted, changed, and eventually evaporated. I’m blessed and very grateful to have found my next “home” working for my current company. Change isn’t easy, even if we instigate it. But to have time to adapt, to make decisions, to try on the “new” and see how it fits makes the change, in my experience, easier to take. It has happened with places where I boarded my horse and the addresses where I’ve lived.

Last year, when my remaining writing friend took a hiatus, I knew it was coming. All the groups and friends that had been former writing partners had slipped into other life pursuits. It took me longer than I thought necessary to learn to write and do all the author-ly things on my own. But like the heads up and flag waving that has happened in other areas of my life, the same notice was given a couple of years ago… but my loyalty is a weakness. After 14 years, my cover designer and I have decided to part ways.

Because I knew this was eventually going to happen, I’ve poked around for alternatives. I’ve found two to start. I’m a little sad to see our working relationship end, but I’m also excited to see what art others can create that is within my budget. Once I have the files, I’ll be able to make ads and other promotional graphics, and the bones of the covers for the series will be available for the next book. Like all change, even when I’m given a warning, it’s bittersweet. Endings, even if we plan them, need a moment or two for us to process the grief associated with loss. Then, we can look forward and allow ourselves to feel excitement for whatever new adventure comes from the closed door.

I don’t know if it’s related, but my motivation to complete and publish The Secret Gift has taken on a life of its own. I don’t know if the holes in my schedule has awoken the muse… or that I’m tired of this project hanging around… or that I want to finish this so I can continue with other books in different series… or that I’m excited to work with another cover designer… or that I’m looking forward to knowing I can afford the next cover… regardless, my pen has been scratching out words and pages in the spiral have been turning. How do you handle change? Have you gotten time to adjust or does the change come abruptly?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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