Chasing Details

Posted On June 16, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

Ever had one of those days where something isn’t quite right, you can’t find answers on the Internet or the help page of the thing that’s a little wonky, so you send a message to customer service? And after a couple of days, they get back to you, but want all kinds of details? And you realize you don’t have most of those details? So then you’re back online searching for end arounds? Or maybe the customer service person says whatever it is you’re trying to do will take 3-10 business days to show up? And so you wait, and it doesn’t show up, so you send another email to customer service? And after a week or three, you finally get to cross off a task on your list? Yeah, been a lot like that for me recently.

People believe that because I teach, I have a lot of patience. Maybe, in some situations. But really, I think it’s more that I’m so used to delayed gratification that waiting weeks for something to happen that only I will know about and is (usually) a little detail, (usually) isn’t a big deal. Much of my time previously taken up with completing SG was instead filled with me chasing details on a multitude of fronts. Most of those have been dealt with. And maybe because I’m so used to delayed gratification, I didn’t feel the tiny dopamine hit when those tasks were eventually done.

In between dealing with those details to start something or end something, I uploaded the cool content my graphics person created. I’m halfway done with what she has sent me. Now that we’re in this rhythm, I know the type of copy I need to send her. In a way, I’m still chasing details.

Some of those details have to do with my books’ sales pages. It’s tedious work. I hope it makes a positive difference in a reader’s experience. And since I’m all about the reader’s experience, I’m waiting for the beta reader to return SG with her notes. I’ll have a small window to make changes and get the manuscript uploaded by the deadline.

As the details are crossed off my list, I’m eyeing my queue. I’m thinking of juggling a short story along with diving back into the Roanoak world. If I do or don’t, I’m happy being back in Fictionland! How are things going with your details? Are you patient or annoyed at chasing down endings and beginnings?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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