Course Correction

Posted On January 27, 2023

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Because nothing is static, I prefer to think of life balance as a constant tilting this way, then making a choice to shift that way, then another decision tips me in yet a different direction. I planned to lean towards my writing projects this week, but then life tasks popped up and demanded to be dealt with. After crossing a few off the list each day, the time and energy left over was unfortunately too low to be productive. On one hand, I’m being offered more paid hours, which is good. I’m also working with a friend’s horse for several weeks—also a paid gig—while they’re on vacation. Then there is the story about my ereader, my new contacts prescription, and hiring a graphics person. So, my other hand, the one where my writing projects reside, is a little light.

In my course correction regarding one area that I expanded into in the fall, then decided to back off based on the data gathered, but was back on the schedule as of January 1, here, at the end of the month, with almost no headway gained, I’m tipping in the direction to set it aside for now. Swirling around in my head are thoughts of disappointment and frustration, which leaves the door open for my inner critic to take a seat, order an alcoholic beverage, and toss out its opinion about this particular experiment, which bleeds over into others, and eventually contaminates nearly every piece of my life. Countering that, I look at what I did complete, then firmly ignore the drunkard in the corner.

I’m very close to finishing the math workbook. At the current pace, by the end of next week I’ll be ready to print a copy and begin the edits as I create the answer key. Even in this, I’ve tipped away from spending a couple of hours (because I don’t have it) to just finishing a page or a section of a page.

A little exercise I did on Tuesday evening really helped sway me in the direction of sitting with my SG spiral. And the other writing projects? They’re adding weight. Correcting my course of where I need to spend time and energy based on the always fluid shifting of calendar tasks, means decisions are made and choices are available or not. With some life business taken care of, my scale shifts back to writing. At least for now. How is your life balance? Are you adept at your own course corrections?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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