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Posted On April 15, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

This is the final day of 5 promos I had for Of Gifts and the Goddess. Though the book is on sale for all of April, and it’s available in another promo that runs the entire month, I’m a little anxious to see what the sales numbers look like. As the first book I published (back in 2008), I’m still hoping it finds a home in the hands of readers. I really love the new cover, and I hope others find it enticing, too.

I found another narrator, and we’re moving forward with audio recording of The Tanner Trilogy. I’m beyond excited! I’m not sure of all the steps in the process. The person at Findaway Voices has been wonderful in communicating with me and the narrator. I’m hoping the production goes smoothly. I’m not sure of the timeline for completing and releasing the audiobook, but I’ll let you know when I know!

I spent time this week looking at some administrative stuff. Besides the promos, and setting something up for May for my boxed sets, I looked at my ads. Since I had paid work hours this week (yay!), I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted. But as always helps, getting ideas out of my head and onto paper, even if it’s a to-do list, keeps me moving (forward, I hope!). And starting my audiobook catalogue and having ideas for my Patreon page are ways I’m hoping will expand my readership and generate interest in my stories.

I met with my writing friend today (outside at a library). I miss having another author to bounce ideas off of and to give clarity when I seem to spend too much time in my own head. We rarely lack ideas! Just time and energy to follow through with them. We chatted about sales and our books and upcoming projects and what we might do to engage with readers in different ways. Like Patreon. Like NFTs. Like audiobooks. Maybe it’s these different ways now available to us that keep us motivated to create new stories and offer readers special things, like artwork and extras based on our books.

Written by Michele Venne

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