Ebb and Flow

Posted On February 3, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

My life is more content when I accept the ebb and flow of energy and time and opportunities. The last month has seen an increase in paid hours. Certainly something to celebrate! I’ve also helped a friend by taking care of their horse while they were out of town. Now that they’re back, and I’m settling into longer hours in front of the computer for a reason other than project creation, I feel the flow of creativity coming back around.

I “finished” the math workbook! Yay! Then I decided to add 3 more topics. I’m planning for publication by the beginning of March. With the muse leading me into the flow, I’m picking up SG and hope to publish this short story at the same time as the math book. The rest of my spirals are languishing in my vertical file on my desk.

I’ve been holding out on finishing the character list. Soon, I’ll reread Roanoak book 3, which will complete the character list, then I’ll be ready to begin book 4.

I outsourced for an admin task and got the results back today. I’m not sure I like the results or how I would change them. I’ll figure it out this weekend with some communication with the one who did the project.

The days on my calendar are filled with ink. Most days have arrows drawn to the following day… some tasks are carried over to the next week. I’m not finishing things, but I’m also not engaging in self-hatred because I can’t keep up with my grand plans. And maybe that’s the most important signpost that I can step into the creative flow instead of being creatively blocked. Are you in an ebb or a flow? Are you surrendering to what is, or are you battling the current?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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