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Posted On September 30, 2022

Cover designed by Lilly Skye

I met my deadline! Both HUGE projects are published by the end of September! First, Building Fluency: Advanced Number Sense is a math workbook I’ve dreamed of doing for years. I’m grateful I have a new computer. Equation Editor and Word would have given me so much trouble on my old machine, I never would have finished it. I have author copies on the way to give to those who took their time to give it a critical eye. Someday, I hope to add to this series. For now, I’m loving life outside Equation Editor!

Here are the details:

Struggling to learn math concepts in grades 6-9?

This six-step process will build a foundation in number sense so students can move forward to advanced classes with confidence. This workbook is designed to lead students from introduction to mastery. It offers multiple ways to practice and several games to play to encourage learning of concepts and skills needed for higher mathematics.

  • Modeling: one-page instruction on 17 mathematical concepts for grades 6-9
  • Guided Practice: a fill-in-the-blank page that leads through the steps to evaluate, convert, or solve
  • Repeated Practice: two pages filled with problems students complete independently
  • Done Together: cards to cut out and suggestions for adult-student interaction
  • Performance: journal prompts to encourage students to write what they know
  • Independence: three quizzes and suggestions on how and when to use them
  • Track Your Progress: a chart to keep track of their scores

Try Building Fluency: Advanced Number Sense, and learn foundational math ideas with ease!

I’ll also share that the novel is done. My newsletter subscribers get first crack at the cover, description, and the first chapter. I’ll share more details next week.

With these two projects off my plate, I can focus on the three I want to finish by December 15: “The Raid, Waldman Investigations Prequel”; Desert Zydeco Episode #1, “Murder on Campus”; and the short story, “The Secret Gift.” The good news is that they aren’t monster-sized manuscripts. Also good news, all of them are in different stages of completion. This next week will find me tiptoeing the line of enjoying my accomplishments and using forward momentum to make progress on these three projects.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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