Filling the Well

Posted On April 26, 2024

Photo by Michele Venne

What’s better than a writing conference with people you like? Having it be ten minutes from your house. Last weekend, I attended the regular monthly meeting and mini-retreat of the writer’s group I joined last year. An informal networking gathering on Friday evening, writing sprints and brainstorming on Saturday morning, meeting on Saturday afternoon, then more writing sprints and networking, including slices of pizza, on Saturday evening.

It was a small group. Those who attended use their time well. Those of us who do the write-ins on Zoom agreed when we met on Monday that the weekend was a lot of fun. We talked about books and authors and craft and marketing. We laughed. We worked on our projects. We filled our creative wells.

I’ve found 1 to 2-hour blocks of time to work on projects this week. I’ve mainly focused on 2 of the 5. I know, I know. If I poured all my time and effort into one project at a time, I could probably make serious progress. But that’s not how my mind works. I’m pushing to finish the note card math book. It’s the one project that is nonfiction and requires the least amount of creativity.

I’m also wrangling flash fiction stories for MV2. I’m not concerned about how far past my original deadline I am with this project. I know the stories I want to include. I worked on four while at the retreat. I only worked on fiction while sharing a boardroom with other authors.

I also started the rewrites on the next short story that will be in the illustrated collection. Time, or my perception of it, twists and wiggles so I can’t stretch it to include minutes or hours with each project. But with my well filled, I look forward to finishing these projects. I imagine my excitement and sense of accomplishment when each one is published. What fills your well?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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