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Posted On August 19, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

Joanna Penn, a fairly famous indie author in the UK whom I’ve followed since she began offering stuff for indie writers back in 2008, talks about “beginning energy” when she starts a project and “finish energy” as she nears the end of a project. I (still) currently have 3 projects in a stage where I feel what she talks about with “finish energy.” It’s a push to keep going, to get the words down, to put in the effort for editing, to do the little bits that are needed and take time. Beginning energy is quite different. Instead of pushing to get the project completed, we’re pulled by the excitement of something new.

Building Fluency, the math workbook, is more than 3/4 done. If it was all words, no problem! However, I’m living in Equation Editor, so lots of clicking and creating in the moment (I’m also writing out some problems, doing the math to get an answer, etc.). I have 4 concepts left, 6 sections per concept. I’m aiming for the end of next week to print out copies and give to my beta readers.

The Bookie is in the second editing phase. I’m reading through and catching little misses in the details. I’m researching things like firehouse numbers and freeways and rivers. I’m not very far along, but this, I think, is an important step. When I finish this phase, I’ll use ProWritingAid to check for grammar errors (and ignore 99% of my use of passive voice 🙂 ). The last part is reading aloud. I have no hard launch date planned, just sometime before the end of the year.

Desert Zydeco is flowing smoothly. I’m loving my pen and spiral, as I’ve used them for years. I have a ways to go, but being in flow makes me feel that finish energy. Scenes have popped up for upcoming episodes.

I sent information to my cover designer. She has a full plate and will fit in my projects when she can. The “hard deadline” for all of these projects, and the holiday short story, is December 31. I know the finish energy will get me there way before that date.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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