Finishing Energy

Posted On May 31, 2024

Photo by Michele Venne

Joanna Penn, a successful indie author from the UK talks about beginning energy and finishing energy. She does a ton of research before she writes her thriller novels. All that builds up to support her writing the story. When she gets her manuscript back from the editor, she talks about finishing energy. She completes the edits/rewrites then publishes the book.

I understand beginning energy. I don’t do research before I start on a project, but throughout the process as I decide I need the name of a road or town, distance between two points, details about flying a helicopter or tropical storms. As I’m in the “finishing” phase of a couple of projects, I know the push to get them done.

I received the edits for the math workbook. I’ve been tweaking the manuscript to match the suggestions. I plan to finish this weekend and hit publish. I’m also in finishing energy for MV2. Just a few more flash fiction stories…

The rest of my writing energy is devoted to rewriting a short story for the illustrator for the collection and the first draft of TSy. Oh, and at some point, I’ll return to the other math workbook. If I think about it too much, my energy fades away. How do you manage your energy when you’re working on projects?

Written by Michele Venne

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