Fitting Into a Box

Posted On June 28, 2024

Photo by Michele Venne

There are parts of our lives that can easily fit into a box. Maybe our commute to a day job, family dinner on Sundays, or time at the gym four days a week. Some of the things we do fit inside our expectations. If we wanted to shake up our commute, we could take a different route. If we chose some excitement for Sunday dinners, maybe make it a potluck or ordering out instead of a home-cooked meal. A way to be outside the box for our gym time is to play basketball or swim laps.

Writing, at least mine, never fits or stays inside a box. I’m working on finishing the last few flash fiction stories. (Note: There are air quotes around flash fiction.) I knew where the stories were going, but it took a long time (many words) to get there. I like how they turned out. I have 2 left. With the weekend ahead and few prior commitments, I think I can finish the stories, do the editing and formatting, and have it published by next week. Good timing, as my monthly newsletter goes out on July 3.

July, also not staying inside the box, is looking like I’ll have a few holes in my schedule. The hard part is using those holes for focused work and not getting distracted by little life tasks. The college class I’m taking as part of gathering credits for recertification is stretched out for an entire month (July) instead of lasting 2 weeks. I’m thinking the assignments may also be spread out. Which means I can keep the class to a month-sized box, or group them together in 2 weeks and finish the class early. So many boxes, so many ways to think inside, outside, or not at about boxes at all. Check here next week for a link to download a free copy of MV2. Are you more an inside the box or outside the box kind of organizer?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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