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Posted On September 29, 2021

Photo by Michele Venne
It’s official today, at least in Phoenix, Arizona. The Autumnal Equinox happened on September 22 (in the northern hemisphere), but a few longitudinal degrees north of the equator and we’re looking at sunrise at 6:14 AM and sunset at 6:14 PM. Not that we’ll see it today, since we have clouds and rain in the desert. Just to be clear, I’m not complaining about the clouds, the rain, or the fewer daylight hours (since that is the only reason we have “autumn” in the desert, which means fewer hours for the sun to bake us inhabitants). So, balance in the amount of time of light and darkness. In checking my calendar and to-do list, I’ve noticed where the balance is, and isn’t, in my day. There is about equal time spent on the huge project of using editing software and running all my titles through it before I upload them to multiple retailers, and the hours spent fleshing out The Stalker. Almost equal hours with Holly (my equine companion) and working with clients virtually. But when it comes to “work” and “play”? Not so much balance.

Wisdom reminds us that all of life is change. Our job is to be in a constant state of course correction. A little to the left, a little to the right. I find that in my writing as well. Even though I’ve never written a story the way I am composing The Stalker, I spend a little time with the hero and heroine, then check in with the villain. A few paragraphs with secondary characters, then some dialogue. A little action, a humorous comment from the hero, a spark of attraction between the two main characters. A tip to the left, a shift to the right, a step forward, a little lean back… balance, or as close as we can come in any one moment (in story creation and in life). In fact, this newsletter is also an example of balance 🙂 Most of the time, I include something free. A short story, a promotion, a survey, a vote, a template for leaving reviews are sent along with my take on whatever is happening. This month’s newsletter is sans anything free. Remember my explanation above about balance and where I’ve been spending my time? With all the sections in my circle graph of life currently occupied by other projects and responsibilities, you get to read an update.

Last month, I announced my books are available on multiple retailer platforms. You find your favorite, or a new one, by going to my website and clicking on the “Online Retailers” button. It will look like this:

It depends on the story as to which stores it’s available in, but I think it’s pretty cool that so many options are out there.

Thanks to all of you who responded with a vote last month as to which cover for The Stalker would best catch a reader’s eye. I’ll share the winning cover with you in my next blog!

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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