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Posted On January 6, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

Happy 2023! I hope sparks of joy and good health have already showered your life. With my renewed clarity, I greeted the new year with open arms. The fact that I’m already behind on my writing projects isn’t a surprise. Haha! I’ve scheduled two admin tasks to finish this month and FOUR stories to work on. On paper, it looked like I would have enough time. But I always forget to schedule life.

I’ve heard people talk about how much they rely on their phone. They find themselves reaching for it, just to check notifications and updates, or scroll through social media, maybe look up something on their browser. On New Year’s Day, I tried to synch my Kobo ereader to my Kobo account. It said I needed to connect to my Wi-Fi. It’s been connected since I first took it out of the box. Despite my attempts, it wouldn’t reconnect. Without being on Wi-Fi, I can’t update the ereader, download new books, or return library books early. I thought maybe the rain was causing interference, even though my computer and phone were connected. I tried again for the next two days. I searched Kobo’s help center and finally started a chat with customer service. They told me to reset my device. I did. Still no connection. Their response? I qualify for a new ereader! Longer story short, because of a mistake in the shipping address, I had to call customer support, then the next day I jumped back on a chat. Finally got it corrected. I’ve checked the tracking the past two days, and it still hasn’t shipped. Because we reset the device, none of my books are on it. How many times have I found my gaze drifting towards my Kobo Libra 2? A fair number. It reminded me how much I love reading fiction and getting lost in a story.

I’ve pulled story starters from my files for the next 5 episodes of Desert Zydeco, 4 short stories for Patreon, and 4 short stories to publish on their own (a couple of standalones, a couple that will be part of a series). I’ve written every night in SG, to make progress, even a little, and to keep my writing muscle engaged. I don’t have an issue working on more than one project at a time. I can easily switch stories or go from nonfiction to fiction in a minute. But after doing life and spending time on my other tasks, the writing slice of the day is kind of small. I’ll work on expanding that next week.

How is your 2023 going so far? Any technology glitches that have given you an ah-ha moment?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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