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Posted On December 26, 2021

Photo by Michele Venne

Holiday greetings! Whatever you celebrate, or even if you don’t, I hope the end of 2021 brings you peace. I’ve come a long way from making New Year’s resolutions. Over time, my yearly process has evolved from resolutions (resolve to “fix” a problem) to goals (stress and strive along the way only to feel “fulfilled” for a moment, maybe) to intentions (mindful steps in a particular direction where check-ins and course corrections are welcome and with the invitation to notice joy in the journey and grace when life gets tough). None of them have a chance to work well unless reflection happens first.

In my 2021 life pie, reflecting on the section titled “writing,” I completed twenty tasks. Twenty! Of these, eleven were aimed at inviting readers to find my work, such as:

  • Published 12 titles (11 new, 1 second edition)
  • Launched a new website (
  • Took my books wide (available on multiple platforms, worldwide)
  • Participated in several promotions
  • Met my goal of sending out monthly newsletters

Looking forward to my 2022 life pie section on “writing,” a few of the items are:

  • Publish 12 titles
  • Participate in several promotions (2 already scheduled on Kobo)
  • Run a couple of giveaways for subscribers
  • Send out newsletter the first week of the month
  • Upload a few videos to my YouTube channel

What were some of your wins in 2021? Have you set intentions for 2022?

Here are a couple of reminders:

1) The Stalker is in Kindle Unlimited until the end of February. Then it will be available everywhere. And for now, it’s $.99! 

2) Almost everything on my website ( is on sale through January 15, 2022. So if Santa brings you a new ereader, I have stories to get you started! If you’ve been wanting to order some books but have been distracted by holiday lights and baked goodies, you still have time! Ebooks can be downloaded with a few clicks. Print books (including the free inspirational poster—8×10 nature photograph with a few of my positive words) can be mailed the next day by me. But starting January 16, 2022, my books return to full price. Free books and infographics can be found under the “Free Stuff” tab. And I have 7 short stories in case you’re pressed for time to read.

My wish for you is a peaceful end of 2021 and a moment to reflect on the big and small wins. With a dash of courage and a sprinkle of trust, may your intentions for 2022 light your way on the next page in your journey.

Thank you for subscribing and reading!


P.S. Expect to see more blog posts in 2022!

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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