I Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Posted On October 14, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

I know it’s not just in my experience that several issues/tasks/things come up/together/are due at about the same time. A couple of weeks ago, I finished two books right around the time I was dealing with a few personal changes. And it seems like that trend continues.

I typed all I had written for Desert Zydeco to see the word count. I was ready to dive back in and finish the first episode. Then I got an email that the recording for Of Objects and Obsessions was done. I have 7 days left to finish listening and send any changes to the narrator. Really exciting, but it means DZ is put on the shelf.

And since I had so much to share with my newsletter subscribers, it took two days to put together the second newsletter for October. And to think that in another two weeks, I’ll be tapping away on the keyboard to create November’s newsletter.

All this happened in a week where I’ve had a couple of interviews and still haven’t made a decision. And then today, Holly tweaked her right hind leg when we worked in the round pen. No heat or swelling, so nothing for me to ice or wrap, just some added hand-wringing because she’s not wanting to put all her weight on it all the time.

I wonder how I’ll juggle all the issues/tasks/things that arise about the same time when I’m not home all day to deal with them. On the docket for the weekend: finish the audio files, log words in DZ, take print copies of the new books to the local indie bookstore, stall rest and horse aspirin for Holly, and come closer to a decision about time away from home. May your upcoming week include an accomplishment and a celebration, and not so much hand-wringing.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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