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Posted On June 7, 2024

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This has been a week where I wonder, did I make any progress? I understand baby steps and focusing on a project until it’s done and clearing tasks from a list… and even if those things are done, but there are still steps to take and more projects to do and the list of tasks continues to have items added… has there been progress made?

I published a book! But I made an unfixable error. I’ve been keeping up with assignments for my class, but then the platform ate one and I asked for leniency to redo it. I’ve logged in four out of five days this week to the writer’s group Zoom meeting, but didn’t put pen to paper in a fiction manuscript.

The book now needs marketing. I redid the assignment, realizing the first (lost) one was the better of the two. Though I didn’t write fiction, little bits of other tasks/projects were done. So, maybe progress? I think measuring progress is like determining success. It’s different for everyone, and even for ourselves, those definitions can change over time.

Taking a moment to make peace with my mistake, with the second assignment, with no new fiction recorded, means I can reassess my definition of progress. I completed a project (and I’m pleased with my work). I’ll get credit for the assignment (it’s a one-credit class, this is one assignment of 26). The write-ins will continue to be available, so I need to decide what to do when I’m there. So, yes, I think I made progress this week. How do you measure progress?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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