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Posted On July 15, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

I’m super excited that my first audiobook is done! Narrated, edited, processed, and is out for distribution to 48 online retailers. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out one thing, then was told that it’s a no-thing. I don’t need to do what I thought I did, that it’s done automatically when the MP3 files are uploaded. Huh. I promised myself I would do better on book 2, which is in the pre-production stage. I feel pretty comfortable with ebooks and print books, so it was time to expand and learn new stuff.

I’ve been recording words every day on The Bookie. I wrote down ideas to include. First time I’ve ever done that. I’m trying to stick to those thoughts, but other bits come up and I write those, too. In the timeline of the story, there are two days remaining. A lot has to happen, like an undercover operation to catch the bookie, the demise of the mob boss, the introduction of the hero for book 3, and Mac and Tori getting their happy ending. I refuse to pay attention to the word count, other than recording at least 2,000 a day. Some stuff will be edited out, and other stuff will be added. Every project is different, and this one is sticking to that pattern.

Word around the water cooler is that writing is done in isolation. Before things got shut down in 2020, the groups of writers I knew and shared creative space with found other pursuits. I had one writer friend left. When she stopped writing, she introduced me to a friend of hers. That friend and I have been creating and brainstorming and celebrating together for 4 years. Things took a turn for her, and she’s reconsidering the role writing plays in her life. My “writing support” has gone from 3 writing groups and about 40 people, to none. I still read industry news every day. I’m sticking to my plans for this year, other than being behind on publishing books. Besides dipping my toe into the audiobook arena, I’m still figuring out my writing energy to complete a few episodes for Patreon. And then there are all the other books to write in the series I’ve started, and in the series I’ve yet to publish. It’s true that writing and publishing is a long game. I’ve been at it for 14 years. My process has changed a little, my marketing has changed a lot, and though I can roll with those (even if I stumble), there’s something unique about traveling this path alone. It’s not scary or boring or frustrating… it’s lonely. This will be a phase I’ll need to explore and find some sense of peace.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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