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Posted On June 30, 2023

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When I plan my year, making (extremely) optimistic notes about book production and admin tasks, I don’t think about how I’ll feel when it all gets done. I’m driven more by offering stuff to readers and crossing off daily tasks than I am by celebrations. I know, I know… the little wins are important… it’s about the process, not the product… there’s more to life than just work…

Half of 2023 is behind us. I’m satisfied with the behind-the-scenes work I’ve done. It also made it easier when I heard about “just in time learning.” If I’m not actively doing something that I need to learn about right now, I put it off until I do need to know about it. As a side note, this has worked well in my life. The longer I put off doing some things, the easier it becomes because the technology has changed or the industry has, and more than half the time I no longer need to do that task.

So, what has been checked off the list? The Secret Gift is up for preorder and will be live on July 5. I’ve added graphics to half my Amazon sales pages. I have one audiobook under production and others ready to go for my favorite narrator. I have all the copy written for the graphics on Amazon (and the rest yet to be created). I’ve also updated everything I can on Amazon.

That leaves the slate clean for fiction. Yay! Tomorrow begins a new month. I have three projects I want to jump on. I’ll start with the short story, then divide my time between the novella and the novel. I’m excited about moving forward with the audiobook projects, with the rest of the graphics for my sales pages, and for my residence in Fictionland. Are you moving forward in something? How’s it going?

Here’s my newest novella up for preorder! You can get it now for $.99 or wait until it goes up to $2.99 on July 12. Don’t want to wait until July 5? Get it now from my website:

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