Moving Forward

Posted On April 22, 2022

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I met with my writing friend today. I feel like I need to record our meetings so I can replay them and catch the tidbits! We talked instead of worked, but sometimes that’s what’s needed. We shared ideas about our projects, where we are, where we hope to be in another month and by the end of the year, gave each other feedback and support, and filled our wells in a personable way. Sometimes it helps to talk aloud about things.

I’m still working on The Bookie. For the first time ever, I put down notes about how the story could go, what things have to happen to move the characters from beginning to end… yeah, this linear discovery writer “plotted”! I worked on my next short story a bit (still untitled). I’m gathering information (finally!) to complete freebies for those readers who want a little something extra from the books/stories they’ve read. I know I’ve put it off because these are things I can’t do. I don’t have Photoshop, much less familiar enough with graphic software to use it. I am grateful that my writer friend can whip out these little projects in a few minutes instead of my hours and still not get it right.

And it’s that “getting it right” that connected some dots for me today. My struggle with book 2’s in my series? I might not get it right. Doing videos of me reading my poems and posting them on my YouTube channel? I might not get it right. I think this is one reason why it’s easier for me to start something new: I have less of a chance of getting it wrong. More inside work on my part, but clarity is so very helpful!

I’m excited that Findaway Voices has confirmed a narrator for my Tanner Trilogy! Yay! She’ll read an extended part of the book and send it to me. I think I’m supposed to listen and correct things before she reads the whole manuscript. All 3 should be done by the end of September. I’ll definitely share when Of Art and Air is available in audio!

As an indie-author, I publish books, but I also run a business. I continue to work behind the scenes with promos and ads and newsletters and social media, and soon Patreon will be added. What I do now is different than what I’ve done in the past. Just like I’m “moving forward” with my 2 current WIPs, I’m moving forward in how my stories are available and how I get the word out about what I do.

How are you “moving forward”?

Written by Michele Venne

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