Near the Edge

Posted On January 20, 2023

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Completing one project means I’m a step away from beginning the next in the (thankfully) never-ending queue. I’ve been working on a list of character names I’ve used in my stories, so I don’t duplicate. Too late! If I had thought of this years ago, I wouldn’t have multiple “Jones” or “Jacob” or “Shelly” or “Cindy” in my work. I’m down to the last story, Of Warriors and Wisdom, book 3 in the Roanoak series. I’m holding back on this because once I read it, I plan to dive into book 4 while the world of Roanoak is fresh in my mind. Each day that passes, I eye finishing that one task knowing it means I need to begin book 4.

The next math workbook is two concepts away from being done. I’ve removed a few topics and delegated them to an Algebra book and a Geometry book. Once the two concepts are done (exponents and radicals), then I’ll begin the answer key. This will be how the manuscript will be edited. If the answers are too funky, I can tweak the problem. Once this project is done (i.e. my fiction procrastination), then I’ll have nothing in front of me but stories. The fact that I planned to work on FIVE stories at once might be a bit much, even if I completed FIVE different manuscripts back in 2017. Which fiction project? It depends on what I’ve published by the time the workbook is done.

Weeks after taking a webinar about what should appear on my Amazon sales pages, I created a chart and went through all my sales pages, making note of what to edit/add/delete and what to write to customer service about. I noticed a lot of white space at the bottom of my pages. I don’t spend time looking at my pages, but they appeared to have more “space” than I remembered. I nosed around in the back end for a bit and saw two postings: “After December 2022, Author blogs will no longer be seen on Amazon US.” And, “After December 2022, photos and videos will no longer be seen on Amazon US.” Mystery solved! It’s not that all that space was there before, since I have a blog and had uploaded photos, but that Amazon has taken them away. I’m looking at adding some graphics to all that space so it doesn’t look so barren. Now that I’ve completed my chart, I need to make those corrections. After that task, on to the next piece of Amazon tweaking.

The end of January is approaching. That edge, once reached, can’t be stalled or backed up. We’re on to February whether we’re ready or not. I won’t be. Spirals of partially completed projects are stacked in my new vertical file on my desk. It might be that the edge of January tips me over the line to cease my dawdling and just get the projects done. Are you approaching an edges in your life? How do feel as you peer over the drop off?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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