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Posted On April 5, 2024

The Found Gift is published and available on my website! Right to the end, this title had dips and curves on its path into the wild. I’m pleased with the story, even if I missed my deadline by three and a half months. Here’s the description:

What happens when a tropical storm and a kidnapping take place on an island days before Christmas?

Tyler Henderson, owner of top-ranked Henderson Security, accepts a job to retrieve information about diamond thefts from a mine in Russia. When he goes undercover, he doesn’t expect events to spiral out of his control. And not just the job, but his attraction to Mia.

Excited to be in the field as her boss’s partner, Mia Rogers plans to soak up the island sun, buy souvenirs, and help Tyler finish the job before heading home for the holiday. Having her secret discovered, and then forced into a dangerous situation, is not how she envisioned her first assignment.

Tyler battles the weather and Russian criminals to save Mia. Will they be reunited to have a happy holiday? Get your copy today and discover if love can survive Mother Nature!

Here’s a short project update: I’ve been working on MV2. I plan to have it published by May 1. As a collection of essays and flash fiction, My Voice, Volume 2 will be free on all retailers. A little progress has been made on the next math workbook. I got the graphic back for a maze I created. It’s pretty cool! I found an illustrator! I’ve been wanting to publish a short story collection with pen and ink illustrations on the first page of the story. I have two stories written. Now that I’ve teamed up with an illustrator, I’m excited to move forward on this project. I hope to get audio files from the narrator by the end of May.

I’ll be doing a little celebration this weekend in honor of publishing The Found Gift. How’s the progress on your projects? Do you pause to celebrate the wins?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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