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Posted On August 12, 2022

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My beta reader finished The Bookie. I’ve been working this week on her suggestions/edits. I should finish those this weekend. I have a list of what to check, what to research, what to change. No major rewrites needed, just a tightening up of the plot and making sure details aren’t repeated, and that all the details needed are there. “The Raid,” the short story prequel to the Waldman Investigations series, is now with my beta reader.

I’m still working on the nonfiction. I remind myself that this is the first of its kind that I’ve done. I feel good that I’ve organized the hard copy of things that I’m including in this book. It means a smaller stack of paper on the office floor. Once everything is digitized, the stack will migrate to the recycle bin. It will be a relief when I finish and hand it off to my beta readers.

I’ve been working nearly every day on Desert Zydeco, the episodic serial for my patrons on Patreon. I’m liking the story! And since I’m hand writing in a spiral, the story is coming as stories have in the past. I’ve missed and now enjoy the flow.

Thinking I was ready to send information to my cover designer, I realized I still have some work to do. But because she’s busy, I want to send her what I have ASAP so she can work on my projects when she has time. The biggest piece I’m missing? The title of the holiday short story! I’ll be working on this over the weekend.

From first draft to edits, from typing on the computer to hand writing in my spiral, to moving through the publishing process of cover design, there’s a lot of “finishing energy” as I push through on the nonfiction and look towards clicking the publishing button.

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