Nosy About Indie800? It’s Promotion for Indie Artists

Posted On August 21, 2015

Indie musicians are often looking to be signed by a record company. Once they have a label, some time in a studio to cut a CD, there’s a tour. It’s not guaranteed that even if they get signed they’ll make it big, but there’s a lot of advantages to having that kind of backing. The same is true for indie artists. Having a gallery agree to carry some of their work or feature them in a showing can be a boon to their career. In the past, when an author signed with a traditional publishing company, the publisher would set up a book signing tour. Now that privilege is reserved for their best selling authors. With more creative people choosing to promote themselves instead of waiting to be picked up by a corporation, the biggest challenge has become, how do they get noticed? Artists create a large body of work, spend hours doing self-promotion on social media, encourage friends and family to support them, and travel to fairs and markets and festivals to spread the word of what they do. Though sometimes these strategies work, they are time consuming, costly, require a lot of effort to learn, and often artists give up because they can’t continue to support their creative habit hoping it will turn into their full-time love. What else can indie musicians, artists, and authors to do?

They can join the Indie800! What would it take to create a premier destination bookstore and cultural center in Phoenix, Arizona? 800 charter members. Creatives don’t need to be a resident of Arizona to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Would indie artists like to have their own gallery space? Would musicians enjoy a place where their music is displayed and shown to patrons by knowledgable sales staff? Would indie authors love to have their own bookstore where readers could purchase print or electronic versions of their work? Absolutely! This, and so much more, is what the owners of Dog-Eared Pages Bookstore is proposing: if 800 indie artists invest, then it becomes a reality for every indie artist! Many authors, musicians, and artists have gone to the information page (, listened to the video, read the pdf’s, and still haven’t taken the step to submit for vetting, or committed by investing.

Many are afraid of the monetary requirement. But even that has a solution! A patron of the arts who has experience with crowdfunding has agreed to run a campaign to raise $1 million IF there are 100 artists who sign up. And time is running out! This opportunity has been all over social media since June 5, 2015. Countless people a day retweet and repost the link where questions can be answered, and yet…the clock is ticking…for those of us who have committed to the idea and are close to the realization of a cultural center where indie artists can be promoted by social media experts, their wares shown by sales staff to customers who are excited for the discovery of new books and music and art, a coffee and wine bar where patrons can enjoy open mic and the company of friends and family, all while creating a community of art lovers and supporters of individuals who choose to forge their own way in sharing their art with the world, we don’t want to see the dream fizzle.

Won’t you join us? Click on the link ( Watch the video. Read the pdf’s. Contact Dog-Eared Pages. Return the crowdfunding form. Spread the word. This is your chance to showcase your art, to be part of something spectacular.

And if you go here, you can partake in my give away:

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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