Novels of Light and Dark

Michele Venne Of Daggers and Dreamers

Of Daggers and Dreamers

In a tie-breaker battle for control of the earth, will the warrior of the Divine Feminine be victorious?

Kai Matthieus receives a bloody message from a past-life foe. After visiting a psychic friend, he arms himself with three magical tools. Calling in his ex-military teammates, they piece together who the enemy is and how to stop her. They discover it will take their military skills and paranormal talents if they are to survive the coming battle.

Peyton Dempsey is told by a reliable source to seek Kai Matthieus for protection from the evil entity who wants the earth as a playground. An attempt on her life after months of threats lands her in a circle of safety created by Kai and his friends. Will Kai trust her when she tells him the truth?

With the help of a psychic, a shaman, friends, and magical items, Kai and Peyton arm themselves and prepare for the final battle of light against dark. Kai has reincarnated over multiple lifetimes as the goddess’s ultimate warrior. The dark has given skills and objects to the one who promises to defeat Kai. But the one thing the dark doesn’t have, and will never understand, may tip the scales against it.