One Month Done

Posted On July 1, 2022

Photo by Michele Venne

Big news #1: I received an email that the narrator finished reading Of Art and Air, and I have ten days to review and approve the recording. I started today, since I have a deadline. I’m reading the pdf I sent the narrator as I’m listening to her read. So far, so good. I’m interested in how the rest of the process will go. I plan to have Findaway Voices distribute my audiobook and have it available on my website.

Big news #2: Third incarnation of my first website,, no longer exists. The dismantling is complete. The two videos are now available on my new YouTube Channel (new, because I can’t remember my password or the secondary email address of my first channel). The three white papers are available under the “Free Stuff” tab on I’ve saved the yoga and education blog posts. The yoga cards and greeting cards can be found under the “Other Stuff” tab. Nothing else is needed. I’m not sad, and I’m not sure if I’ve already grieved this loss or if it was the right time to let it go.

I’m still in the forest, but 66,000+ words in on The Bookie. I didn’t work on it for three days this week. Yesterday I squeaked out 500 words. Today, 3,000 got recorded. No further work on the short story or the serial. Every day this week, except for today, I did my 2 hours on the nonfiction. It’s coming as slowly as everything else.

Today marks the first day in month 2 of 3. I’ve learned a few things since I started this 3-month plan. I’ll see what else I might pick up before September 1. I’m 1/3 of the way through my admin tasks, less than 1/3 of the way through my writing projects, and the few other bits of my life are marching along. I want to believe I’m not affected by national and world events. I try to tell myself that I’ve lived in the desert for 47 years so I should be able to handle the weather. I’ve never had a huge family or large circle of friends, so when my short list of people I know gets even shorter, it should be okay. And though I’ve never been this age before, it shouldn’t be an issue when I expect my energy levels to be what they were 20 years ago. A lot of people I know are moving on, choosing what changes to make in their lives. I suppose my “moving on” is wrestling with the shoulds that I don’t necessarily have control over. Perhaps my “moving on” is accepting and adapting to these changes. I continue to hold my optimism carefully in both hands as I move through month 2 of 3.

Written by Michele Venne

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