One or Many?

Posted On April 19, 2024

Photo by Michele Venne

Yesterday, I had chunks of time to devote to my writing projects. I spent a little time on the note card workbook, a little time on the vocabulary workbook, a little time on MV2. Then I realized what so many already know: to make significant progress, focus energy on one project at a time.

I’ve always been able to switch hats quickly, be flexible, and have several projects open and ongoing at one time. I’ve also been able to write in more than one manuscript at the same time. Must be the quick hat changes 🙂 And now is no different. But creating one notecard, making one quiz, editing one flash fiction story says I’m busy and micro-progress is made, but the finish line for each of these projects is still a long way off.

So I wondered, what if I dedicated all my writing time to one project, complete it, and get it off my to-do list before moving on? If so, which one should get first priority? The inner critic piped up and said, “What if you get bored? What if you work on the wrong one? What if the one you choose gets delayed?” Oh, the helpful critic 🙂

There is more to just choosing one, or two, to concentrate on finishing. If I spend too much time listening to the critic, or my doubting mind, it could morph into procrastination. And which project I work on is somewhat determined by how the chunk of time I have available in that moment. So, one or many? I see the benefits of one. I know myself and the “many.” How do you choose which project to work on?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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