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Michele Venne All Yoga Cards

Yoga Cards

These cards contain concise explanations and examples of some of the tools and techniques of yoga that, if practiced and applied, can assist one in leading a more artful life.

Michele Venne Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

4×6 removable photos (for framing) on 100% recycled paper cards. Some photos have the words on the picture (like the posters), and some have the words printed on the inside of the card. Packages contain 4 cards (randomly chosen) and envelopes.

Michele Venne Greeting Cards

Step Onto the Mat

Learn what to expect from your first yoga class in this FREE tip sheet.

Michele Venne Greeting Cards

Managing Your Space

Learn how applying some simple ideas for classroom management can make your teaching more effective when you and your students work together in this FREE tip sheet.

My Voice by Michele Venne