Everything to Gain, An Asset Inc. Novel


Kidnappings, gangs, and murder. When red tape gets in the way, an ex-mercenary assembles a crack team to balance the scales of justice…

William Randall can’t remember the last time he laughed. After a life spent dodging death as a U.S. Army officer and private security contractor in every corner of the globe, he’s hungry to use his hard-won wealth to fuel humanitarian efforts. But to establish the trust needed to hire the right people, he asks a single interview question: Tell me about your last assignment.

Piper McCarthy treads the dark alleys of depravity. But when her latest story nearly lands her in the morgue, the international investigative reporter promises her beloved husband she’ll check out an intriguing job stateside. And though initially skeptical, she earns her spot after detailing her terrifying abduction and escape from Egypt.

As Randall accepts his first clients, he discovers his brutal past has followed him and endangers the very employees who’ve put their lives in his hands. While Piper prepares to welcome a new addition to her family, even as gathering peril threatens to end her hopes in a fiery blaze.

Can they survive a shadowy enemy, or will their new enterprise go up in smoke?

Everything to Gain is the intoxicating first book in the Asset, Inc. thriller series. If you like daring heroes, nail-biting adventure, and a splash of romance you’ll adore Michele Venné’s rollercoaster ride.

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