Of Art and Air, Book One of The Tanner Trilogy (Audio)


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When big-time murder comes to rural Wyoming, can a photographer and a fed survive deadly greed and bind their restless hearts?

Photojournalist Carli Tanner thrives anywhere. On assignment deep in the jungles of South America, she’s shocked to receive a telegram that her father has died. And when the free-spirit globetrotter immediately jets home to the sprawling hunting preserve, she finds a handsome FBI investigator hungry to track down his killer.

Agent Ethan Brooks has the uncanny ability to get inside the bad guy’s mind. But after his director calls in a favor, the big-city loner reluctantly agrees to head to the wild west where he meets the victim’s intriguing daughter. And when she saves him from hungry bears and gun-toting poachers, his admiration grows even as the culprit eludes his grasp.

As Carli digs through frustrating clues to search for suspects, she fears the threat looming over her family could strike at any time. And Ethan struggles to adapt to the rural landscape before the shadowy suspect takes out the fascinating woman who’s galloped into his life.

Can they serve justice and capture love, or will their feelings fall prey to another tragic death?

Of Art and Air is the nail-biting first book in the Tanner romantic suspense trilogy. If you like capable heroes, layered plots, and dangerous liaisons, then you’ll adore Michele Venné’s pulse-pounding tale.

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