Of Hoof Prints and Heartbeats, Book Two of the Tanner Trilogy


When crime and death challenge their forgotten love, Samantha and Cole must decide if forgiveness is possible.

Samantha Tanner recently inherited Crystal Springs Farm, her father’s horse and cattle ranch in Durango, Colorado. Cole Branson, the cowboy-lawyer from the neighboring JAR-C Ranch, shares a history with Sam. One vicious act tore them apart.

When a ghost from Sam’s past escapes from prison, circumstances bring Sam and Cole together again. With an escaped convict in the area, and threats from an unknown source escalates, Cole’s memories of Sam spark the realization of his heart’s desire. Sam recognizes that Fate has presented them with a second chance, but will the outcome be the same? Sam and Cole struggle to determine the location of one criminal, while working to compile information regarding the menace that continues to plague the Tanner family. Crime and death challenge their forgotten love and force them to decide if forgiveness is possible.

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