Of Objects and Obsessions, Book Three of The Tanner Trilogy


With a secret exposed, will the story end where it all began?

Fiona Casey and her son, Ian, settle in at Medicine Bow Preserve with her new job as Head of Marketing for Tanner’s Outdoor Adventures. She is always ready to move on to the next town should Ian’s gift be discovered. When Fiona meets Shaun, she may believe her son that Wyoming could be her home.

Sheriff Shaun Tanner of Centennial, Wyoming, has enemies. As he compiles evidence to arrest the local bad boy, he investigates where his family’s nemesis has been hiding, and how to draw him out into the open. When dangerous events target his sister’s business, they lead Shaun to uncover the one behind all of his family’s troubles.

Shaun might hide his feelings and how he deals with them, but Fiona has a secret of her own. What if discovering the truth leads to a life neither of them expected?

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