Of Prophecies and Promises (Print)


She’s the last of the Future Fae. He’s gifted. Will the Prophesy be fulfilled?

Rescued as a child, Skyler grew up in a royal household as an adopted daughter. Plagued by the mystery of a prophecy, Skyler returns to her planet of birth. The secrets she uncovers could save the Alliance, but will she survive the use of her weapon?

Gage St. Veritas was raised in the Monastery and befriended by Jules Andante´. They travel through galaxies searching for the truth of Gage’s parentage and the other half of the Prophecy.

In the millennia since the words of the Prophesy were recorded, the desire for power has grown. Can the Alliance withstand the forces that seek to destroy it, or will the High Council crumble?

Of Prophecies and Promises is an epic action-adventure concluding novel in the Stars Series. This paranormal science fiction romance leads you across space to discover mysteries that weave together the fabric of the universe.

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