Of Stars and Secrets


A deadly virus threatens the galaxy. Can two total strangers save millions and discover love is the best medicine?

2758. Kiersten Landiser wants nothing to do with her arranged marriage to someone she’s never even seen. Focused on combating a terrifying sickness wiping out colonies, the determined princess takes her starship where no sane merch will go to deliver a lifesaving drug. But when she receives information about her imprisoned brother, she sets off on a daring rescue mission across space.

Aiden Tranlish strives every day to be the heir his people need. And though he’s consented to betrothal to secure his planet’s safety, the loyal young man yearns to take action against the fiend plaguing the Alliance worlds with a sinister disease. So when his intended postpones the matrimony, he sets out on a hunt for the rare vaccine… and ends up entangled in a prisonbreak engineered by a fiery redheaded beauty.

With her sibling free and certain she knows the location of the next attack, Kierston admires her new partner’s dedication to her cause. And though Aiden remains committed to his forthcoming union, he secretly hopes his bride-to-be proves as strong-willed and alluring as the captain of the rogue ship.

As a devious intergalactic plot unfolds, can the fearless pair survive to spread the cure and nurse a burgeoning desire?

Of Stars and Secrets is the suspenseful first book in the Stars science fiction romance series. If you like stubborn but bighearted heroines, edge-of-your-seat thrill rides, and eye-opening twists, then you’ll adore Michele Venné’s spirited adventure.

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