The Bookie (Print)


She’s a bounty hunter with a tragic past. He’s a police detective caught in the mafia’s crosshairs. Will they survive to deliver justice?

Detective George “Mac” McGowan has a wide circle of people he cares about in Tampa Bay. With the help of his close connections and the witnesses hiding from the mob, Mac gathers evidence about the backroom gambling tables. As local tension draws his focus to the city’s outlaw motorcycle club, he wonders if it’s the club or the mafia that tracks his movements. When he meets a beautiful, independent bounty hunter, Mac realizes the balance of trust and protection.

Tori St. James is a successful mobile warrant officer keeping ahead of her nightmares. When she brings in a motorcycle club fugitive, buried memories come roaring back. In the police station, a wanted poster for a mob member has a bounty that makes her believe her dream can be reality. But then she meets Detective McGowan and discovers there’s more to life than fugitives and lonely highways.

As Tori and Mac work together to shut down the illegal gambling ring run by the Russian mob, they find themselves targets for an unknown assassin. Can they locate the bookie before either of them ends up in a cemetery?

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