Yogis All: A Journey of Transformation, Volume II, Tools of the Practice (Print)


For beginning to seasoned yoga teachers, these 110 yoga sequences are tools for the practice.

There are multiple ways to sequence postures. The session focus can be varied. Which transitions allow for the flow of poses can become a teacher’s signature for the class. Using props often expands the opportunity for students to access the poses. All of these pieces, plus the science of yoga, the traditions, the practices of mudras and pranayama combine to fill the toolbox of a yoga instructor.

A blank Yoga Sequence Sheet is included to offer a way to organize postures, focus, transitions, energetic cues, use of props, and notes about the class or client. Take a page directly from this book, move from pose to pose for familiarity, then lead students to do the same. It may spark a new understanding or motivation to deepen one’s own practice.

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