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Posted On June 9, 2023

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Beginnings and endings roll after each other like waves on the ocean. I worked more on adding details to SG today. I did some research, which usually entails me losing a few hours chasing down specific facts. Names of roads, national forests, hierarchy of command, emblems, how snowmobiles work, etc. Am I satisfied with the story? Not really. I keep thinking of more details to add. What other bandanas Milo could wear. That Blake would get more information from his partner on the ritual (is that necessary for the story?). More conversation between the sheriff and Blake about how they knew who the killer was.

For now, I’m taking a break. I sent the manuscript to a beta reader. She sees no problem in getting it back to be in two weeks. In the meantime, I need to double down on splitting my effort between beginning R4 and getting some behind-the-scenes admin tasks done that are overdue. My plan was to finish my character names list with R3 so I can get back into that world, so starting R4 would be as seamless as a few years can be. I completed the list (ten pages, two-sided). I’m not sure I’m in that world. Finishing rolling into beginning…

Beginning the next project means I need to concentrate so I can finish and not have months go by while the project languishes. I think I have a window of opportunity to do the admin tasks while a major retailer is shaking things up to hopefully correct a long-time issue. I’m trying a new way to have my manuscript beta read, and it would be good if it worked out.

I look at my queue, and I think about the order in which to do the projects, then realize there is no right answer. One project or task finishes, and another one on the list begins. Routine. Process. Order. Yet open for creativity to do what it does. Have you finished a project recently? Have you started a project recently?

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