Recovery Time

Posted On November 3, 2023

Photo by Michele Venne

Feeling like I’m functioning at about 75% capacity, I continue to take things slowly. Now is a good time to sit and breathe, to be, to let my thoughts come and go and not get hung up on any particular one. Actually, that’s good advice for every day! As I sit and breathe, I can begin to investigate what my next steps might be.

In the weeks remaining in 2023, I have my three projects to finish. I have a sketched-out plan for each one. Two of the three already have a portion completed. The third is a creative writing project. To make progress on it, all I need to do is put pen to paper. I’ve been considering how to re-think my process and how I view the final product. This new mindset will guide everything I do moving forward.

And like most times in my life, moving forward stirs up feelings of doubt and uncertainty. It’s easier to take those steps when there’s some kind of guarantee that things will turn out how I hope/plan! But since guarantees and life don’t go together, hitching up my pants, setting my shoulders, and putting my next foot forward is what has to happen.

And putting some effort into each project is how they’ll get done in the next couple of months. A survey in December’s newsletter means responses will help direct my plans for 2024. It’s exciting to plan, which means I often overdue it. To prevent another flat tire like I’ve been dealing with, I need to redirect my enthusiasm to finishing projects. This time of sitting and breathing might give me windows into ideas about how to do things a little differently, maybe experience a little more success. When do you do your best thinking?

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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