Roanoak Series

Michele Venne Roanoak Nyla's Curse


Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned.

In a time when women with magical healing powers were revered, one fell in love with the son of the ruling family. Cast aside for the betrothed chosen by his parents, the scorned witch cursed the Roanoaks. 

After seven generations effected by Nyla’s fury, eventually seven male heirs of Roanoaks, each with their own unique powers, were born into a single family. They have the opportunity to finally break the Curse. To do so, they need to locate and enlist the help of the Others, seven women gifted with their own special abilities. 

But evil grows, amassing its own army. Magic and power course through the land, but it takes more than obligation or a strong will to win this battle. Will the Curse prevail allowing darkness to engulf everything, or will the Roanoaks and the Others be victorious?

Michele Venne Roanoak Of Shapeshifters and Storms


Dane and Raven take the next step…

Dane, first heir of the Roanoaks, is called upon to push back the evil that plagues the land. As he waits for the return of his brothers and their Others, he devises a plan to locate the stronghold of their enemy. Dane has no opportunity to relax, as Baltura tests the powers of the Roanoaks.

Comfortable at Roanoak Castle, Raven is surprised by a piece of her past. No longer the princess of Castle Pharloe, she fulfills many roles as the Curse builds. When she employs her ability to save all who live there, will she have engaged too great a foe?

The brothers grow closer their Others. They learn that combining their powers makes them stronger. All of the brothers and the Others are finally safe behind the walls of Roanoak Castle, until a plan to learn more about Baltura separates them.

Michele Venne Roanoak Of Warriors and Wisdom


Rhys and Kiera on their own…

Finding themselves several moonrisings north of Roanoak, Rhys makes a decision. With Kiera injured, he seeks a healer. What they discover in Doveton ticks off the moments until an inevitable confrontation with Baltura.

Behind the castle walls at Roanoak, the six brothers and their Others devise a plan to assist Rhys and Kiera. As the Curse approaches its climax, the brothers realize they must combine their abilities to defeat the evil that brands the earth.

Steps are taken to bring Gabrielle closer to Kaden. Dane adjusts to life with Raven, and his protectiveness is challenged. While Zander, Anson, Darius, and Gavin ply their powers, it’s up to Soren, Lila, Sophia, and Adele to support the brothers in bringing Rhys and Kiera home. Alive.