Roanoak Series

Michele Venne Roanoak Nyla's Curse


A generations-old hex. Can seven siblings carrying the burden of their ancestors find their fated matches before war swallows the land?

The seven Roanoak brothers long to dispel the malignant bane haunting their family. So the determined and powerfully talented siblings strive to locate the magically gifted women they need to prevail against a terrifying tyrant. Baltura, the last heir of the scorned witch, tests the Roanoak brothers to discover their weaknesses as he readies his army for battle.

As the Others find their way to the protection of Roanoak Castle, the brothers must learn to work together and combine their powers if the women traveling alone are to survive. Would the death of one result in Baltura’s victory?

As the forces of darkness gather, the brothers ache to pair with their Others and banish the family’s deadly curse. 

Will they stand strong together against the looming nightmare, or fall alone and lose all they hold dear?

Nyla's Curse is the tempestuous first volume in the Roanoak romantic paranormal fantasy series. If you like daring heroes, hair-raising danger, and relentless evil then you’ll adore Michele Venné’s spellbinding tale.

Michele Venne Roanoak Of Shapeshifters and Storms


He is the heir of Roanoak. She is more than just a princess. A black dragon tests their powers.

Nyla's Curse forces Dane Roanoak to push back the evil that plagues the land. When his childhood love seeks refuge at Roanoak Castle, he's determined to protect the black-haired beauty from the coming carnage.

Princess Raven Pharloe hungers to avenge her father’s death. And with her kingdom in ruins, the powerful shapeshifter turns to the handsome storm mage who has long held her heart. But she seethes when Dane's promise to keep her from harm threatens to seal their doom.

Dane's brothers and their Others must work together or fail to survive Baltura's attacks.

Michele Venne Roanoak Of Warriors and Wisdom


She's wounded. He can't let her die. They find more than help in the nearest town.

Rhys decides to abort their mission and seek a healer. This puts them on a path to intersect the scourge of the land.

Not at full strength, Kiera confronts her father. But will it be with words or her sword?

As the Curse approaches its climax, the brothers realize they must combine their abilities to escape with their lives.