Posted On July 21, 2020

The temps in the desert look like they’re going to take a jump up this next week. If you have something fun and safe planned for the weekend, enjoy it!!

There have been times in my life where I’ve shown up at home or the barn or work only to find the complete unexpected (and how is it that it wasn’t a pleasant surprise?). Not that I spend a lot of time considering the unexpected (well, more now than I have in years past), but this morning it was weird. I fed my girls breakfast, was picking up their rollers, and I peeked into their water barrels just to see how much water was there and how dirty they were. Do I need to say how surprised I was to see a tarantula swimming in the water barrel? I ran to get the rake and carefully scooped him up. Then I kept a steady eye on him lest he jump at me or fall off. I carried him away from the barn, then gently set him down. He flipped himself over, got on his feet, and walked off the rake. I have found all kinds of things floating in the water barrels, and I’m glad I was there before the end came to the large, brown and black furry guy. But it’s still freaky. And it adds to my unease to arrive at home or the barn and not know what will greet me.

Do you remember when you used to have a routine? You know, where you made a weekly list of things to do and places to go and people to see, and you actually got things crossed off…week after week after week? And maybe you were looking forward to vacation, maybe getting out of town for a change of scenery, a change in routine? Or even just a monthly readers club or writers group? Perhaps a big shopping trip to a warehouse store? You know, something to break up the same ole, same ole…I’ve written before about my (forced) acceptance of being flexible due to my schedule and not ever knowing if things on my calendar will be checked off at the end of the day or week. Today is day 28 of 75 before the paid gig is scheduled to start up again, and setting aside the fact that no one knows what that will look like, I’m realizing that no two days have been the same. Yes, I’ve crossed off some tasks. Yes, I’ve found myself doing things I didn’t think I would do, but I also recognize that perhaps NOT having a routine or a “boring” day or even hours stung together that measure up to what I imagine a “summertime” routine to look like is now the “new normal”. At least for me. And maybe this is a time where we consider new terrain (socially, politically, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc.) and how to navigate that path isn’t based on what is “normal” or what we’re used to. Maybe the new “normal” is the opposite of what we’ve dreamed up before. Instead of something predictable, now everything isn’t. Instead of following proven paths to reach goals and achieve success, maybe now it’s about being unconventional or not having routines or relying on the usual/same ole. And maybe this page or chapter in the journey is about how adaptable we can become.

May we all find a way to brace a corner of our foundation, even if the waters and wind of the unknown and change keep sweeping away our sand.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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