Smelling The Flowers

Posted On February 25, 2022

Six days. That is how long I had the house to myself, and how many days in a row I did zero writing. Oh, I thought about my projects. I looked up the word count on MV2 to judge how close I might be to a novel-length manuscript. I also thought about where I left off in The Bookie. Scenes in this story popped into my mind as I sat on the couch, laptop not in sight. It was like a vacation that I haven’t had for years. Usually, when I do go “on vacation,” I always plan on, and do, get work done. But not this time. And you know the best part? There’s no guilt 🙂

I’ve been reading 3 books. One nonfiction about writing, a fiction book from the library, and another fiction on my Kobo device. And I’ve loved every minute of couch time and outside chair time! I’ve also made good on my Netflix subscription. I finished one show (it was just one season), and now I’m on to 2 other new shows and working in an occasion episode of Quantico.

I realized something about what I like to read and watch. Not just exciting story lines with intriguing characters, but characters who would do something that regular people wouldn’t. Ones that make smart decisions, are emotionally intelligent, and show how real people could make better choices in their lives. Maybe that’s my Pollyanna way of looking at the world. I think fiction can do more than just entertain or offer escape. I think it can educate, too.

After this weekend, no more kicking back on the couch absorbing fiction. It’s time for me to get back to work, both in writing and in paid hours. There’s a newsletter to write and projects to chip away at. Time to pause in smelling the flowers and return to what makes the flowers grow.

Written by Michele Venne

Writer of immersive and intriguing stories.

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