Stars Series

Michele Venne Of Stars and Secrets

Of Stars and Secrets

Secrets can instigate peril or save her life.

Kiersten abandoned the unknown Prince of Dulsar days before they were to fulfill their marriage contract. She chooses instead to continue with her humanitarian efforts in delivering the vaccine to combat a virus decimating newly colonized planets. Eventually, she knows she’ll have to return to Suma and her royal duty.

Aiden encounters Kiersten on Station 5 where he joins in her travels. First, he assists in attempting to release her brother from incarceration. Then they deliver the vaccine to Windmere. He couldn’t predict that they would save a child with special abilities.

Secrets place Kiersten and Aiden in danger from the feared Vancurelians. They must decide if their discoveries will save lives and join the most powerful planets in the Alliance, or if the Vancurelians will take over Alliance space.

Michele Venne Of Prophecies and Promises

Of Prophecies and Promises

Will the Prophecy be fulfilled?

She was rescued from a battle raging in the skies above Windmere, a planet colonized by those with extraordinary gifts and led by the Future-Fae. Skyler was brought to Dulsar and raised as the adopted daughter of Princess Kiersten and Prince Aiden. Plagued by the mystery of a prophecy Skyler knew she was part of, her search for answers takes her across galaxies, eventually returning her to the planet of her birth.

Gage St. Veritas was raised behind the walls of the Monastery and educated on the streets of Malhinda. Befriended by Jules Andante´, his search for Carrier and the truth of his parentage launches him from Second Earth.

In the millennia since the words of the Prophecy were recorded, the desire for power has grown. Can the Alliance withstand the forces that seek to destroy it, or will the High Council crumble?

Michele Venne Star Series Boxed Set

Stars Series Boxed Set

Mysteries that span time and cross galaxies…

Book One delays a royal wedding as Kiersten tries to save lives. Aiden meets the unknown princess. Together, they travel through space to uncover lies. Will they survive to return to their royal duties?

Book Two brings light to the remaining mysteries as Skyler and Gage investigate their beginnings. They discover if their roles in the Prophecy will save the Alliance.